The capital of Spain

Learn Spanish in Madrid, the capital of Spain and a modern and cosmopolitan city at the height of other great European cities. With a rich historical heritage and a wide educational and leisure offer, it’s the dream of every international student!

From the “Plaza Mayor” to the Prado Museum or from Santiago Bernabeu football stadium to the new Metropolitan stadium, this city offers you the best plans to enjoy your academic year in Madrid.

Madrid is a city fully developed in extension and infrastructures, and it counts on a wide transport and communications network that will assure you the ease of movement.


In the Mediterranean coast

This city is located in the Mediterranean coast and it’s famous for its culture, food, and its pleasant climate. It is perfect for those who are looking to study in Spain having the sea in the background. Moreover, Valencia is both the cradle of “paella” and the City of Arts and Sciences, known worldwide and with a great impact on the life of the city.

Valencia doesn’t lack anything and “Las Fallas” are a national lure, so it is very recommendable to start here your academic year in Spain.


A historically university city

This city is located in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. It is a historically university city and it’s known for being home to the Palace of the Alhambra, a World Heritage Site.

Granada is a small city with warm temperatures all year round, which turns it into a comfortable and welcoming place to live. Also, it has a privileged location, as both mountains and beaches are located less than 30 minutes away.

During your school year in Granada you will enjoy a walk along the banks of the Darro river or the majestic view of the Alhambra from the lookout of San Nicolas.

A Coruña

In northwestern Spain

A Coruña is perfect to study Spanish in northwestern Spain, in the autonomous community of Galicia. This coastal city has a great maritime culture which reflects in the quality of its cuisine, especially in sea products. It counts on emblematic places such as the Torre de Hercules, the Palacio Municipal or the Castle of San Anton.

Both night and day we can find a great atmosphere, with leisure areas in the historic center, a cheerful city life and the characteristic touch that provides the fact of being by the sea. Also, in A Coruña you will be able to visit beautiful museums and walk by the sea without leaving the environment of a big city while you study and attend school in Spain.

The climate of northern Spain is oceanic and comes from the influence of the Atlantic, which provides the green color so characteristic of these regions of Spain.

Galicia, the land where the powerful Inditex was born, has the epicenter of its activity in the city of A Coruña, being the cradle of brands like Zara, famous worldwide; definitely another great argument to learn Spanish in this city.